Spray poppers are not allowed at this event!

Friday, April 7th, 2017
Time: 10pm – 4am (Doors close at 2am)
Entry: $30 (Includes CumUnion Membership)


9130 Premier Row, Dallas, TX 75247
(just off Regal Row, South of 183)

Phone: (214) 678-9901

About: Join hundreds of the hottest guys from the Dallas/Fort Worth area on the 1st Friday of every month for CumUnion. This party is held in a private dungeon space, a facility like no other, offering slings, themed play rooms, a patio, all kinds of kinky BDSM equipment, free clothes check and much more. Along with our hosts in Dallas, we would like to remind everyone of our No Tolerance Policy for the possession and/or use of illegal drugs.

This spacious 7,500 square foot facility is wrought of thousands of experiences and BDSM scenes.  Oh yes, there are over 50 stations, hoists, equipment, private rooms, music, couches, a gallery, decorations, and all kinds of kinky stuff.  Ahhhh, but it’s the energy and experience that has permeated the space with an essence of pain, pleasure, action, dominance and submission that tightens your insides upon entry.

Parking is okay in any of the surrounding lots EXCEPT the lot directly to the left of the venue. No street parking. Ask a member of the staff if you are unsure of where to park.


Future Parties: 1st Friday of every month & 3rd Friday of every other month.

-Jan. 6th -Feb. 3rd -Mar. 3rd -Mar. 17th
-April 7th -May 5th -May 19th -June 2nd


Local STD Testing info:

-Parkland Hospital Amelia Court Clinic:
-Resource Center Dallas Nelson-Tebedo Community Clinic: