The CumUnion Sex Parties can be a great place to find hot and uninhibited sex, but it can also lead to unwanted STDs. We encourage all who attend our parties to be tested both before and after our parties to limit the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. We also encourage our members to communicate openly and honestly with their sexual partners in regards to their sero-status. This allows for each individual to protect themselves however they see fit. At CumUnion, all men can fuck equally!

The CumUnion parties are DRUG FREE parties. CumUnion guests agree to follow the drug policy set forth by each individual venue when attending a party. PLEASE HELP KEEP OUR PARTIES DRUG FREE!

At the bottom of each CumUnion Location page there is a listing of local community resources which can help you to maintain your sexual health. We’ve also provided some helpful resources in the list below.



We Recommend The Following Health Resources:

-US STD Testing Locations:

-Planned Parenthood: (At Home Testing):

-British Columbia Center for Disease Control:

-Canadian Public Health Association:

-Melbourne Sexual Health Centre:

-United Kingdom STD Testing Centers:

-Terrence Higgins Trust (Brighton):

-Pavilions (Drug and Alcohol Services for Brighton & Hove): 


Other Articles We Recommend:

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